What do we do if we have adults over the 1:6 ratio or Adults/Leaders over 18 wishing to be part of the WS Service Team?

They can still be part of WS2017! Adult help in many areas is essential to the smooth running of the camp. Fill out the Staff Application form found under the Camp Staff or Bookings tab & send to bookings@ws2017.org.uk

Do I have to have to be a Scout or Guide Leader to be able to come to WS2017 as Camp Staff?

No you can be a Leader or Adult helper over 18 years in Rainbow, Beaver, Brownie, Cub, Guide, Scout, Rangers, Explorers, Network, Friends of Guiding  just fill in the staff form & send it in

Do my Unit, Group or District have to be in attendance at WS2017 to volunteer as staff?

No they do not

If I am not a Leader but 18 years or over at the time of WS2017 can I still apply to be Staff?

Yes but you must be prepared to have a DBS check completed through the Scout & Guide Associations before acceptance onto a Staff Team

What toilet & washing facilities are available on the site?

There will be several mobile toilet & shower blocks with individual cubicles all with running water around the site which will be separated into male & female only.

How will the sub camps be made up?

There will be 5 sub camps of which one will be for Explorers & Rangers only. The other four Sub Camps Groups will be allocated to depending on numbers which will consist of West Sussex Guides & Scouts as well as International Guides & Scouts

What if we are sharing equipment with another Group or linked with an International Group?

This is not an isssue but please let us know who it is as early as possible so as we can factor this in when we are allocating you to Sub Camps, then we can do our best to make sure you are near to each other on the same site.

Can a Senior Section member who turns 18 just before the camp still come to WS2017?

Yes they can but will have to register as staff volunteering for either the Camp Centre, Activities, Site Services or Sub Camp Teams & complete a DBS via Scouting or Guiding with their group. Unfortunately anyone who is 18 years of age or over at the time of the camp will not be able to take part in the camp activities.

What are the rules covering Camp Gateways at WS2017?

ALL GATEWAYS will have a risk assessment submitted by the Group to the Sub Camp Leader prior to camp with your camp REN or NAN form. If this is not received the gateway will not be built. The risk assessment expected will be basic for a standard gate & more detailed if it has movable parts, supports people crossing it, or a large complex structure. if in doubt please ask!

What are the WS2017 guidelines for gas bottles & hoses at camp? 

Attached gas bottles can be kept within your camp area preferably outside the tent where possible. Any spare bottles to be marked with your group name & stored centrally as directed. Hoses to appliances all need to be thoroughly checked for splits & perished parts with clips keeping the hose securely in place to the regulator & appliance

If we require First Aid or an ambulance at WS2017 what is the procedure?

We have a fully qualified 24hr medical team on site that consist of qualified Paramedics as well other qualified NHS staff. They have access to a fully equipped emergency vehicle that will cope with most things and deal with most major incidents & ideally should be contacted prior to calling an ambulance. Any minor first aid should be dealt with in the first instance by the Group leader or Sub Camp First Aider.  A more detailed plan for first aid will be given in the camp information nearer the event.

If you have to call an ambulance, once you call it you MUST notify your Sub Camp Leader immediately who will then notify HQ who in turn will make the medical Team, Site & Guest Services aware of an incoming ambulance & where it needs to go to.

I wish to bring my group but I don’t have a Nights Away Permit (Scouts) or Going Away with Qualification (Guides) is this a problem?

No it is not but you must have had some previous camping experience if you are bringing a group. You will be responsible for your own camping standards & equipment. Each Sub Camp will have people with the relevant permits which means that you will conform to Scout & Guide requirements. They at certain times will inspect your area to make sure everything is suitable & safe giving advice where required.

As an International Group coming to WS2017 is there camping equipment available to rent once we get there or do we need to bring it with us?

It is usual for International units to only bring their own bedding and personal items  with the host group providing all other items as you will all camp as one group, but this will be clarified once you are linked – but definitely you would not be expected to bring tents or cooking items!

As an International Group what are the food arrangements do we need to plan to stop at a grocery store upon arriving in the UK?

The cost of the camp as advertised on the website does not include food but your link group will advise of the additional cost involved for this and will organise as it is expected you will be fully integrated with their group.

As International visitors what happens with payment for food whilst we are at camp?

You will liaise with your link group directly over the cost for food, special dietary requirements, etc

Many in our group have never been to the UK we may want to do some sight seeing, will that be an option during the jamboree or should we plan to stay in London for a few days before/after WS2017?

It is quite in order for you to arrive early before the camp or stay after, so that  your group are able to explore more of London / UK,  it is unlikely this will be part of the camp programme. In these situations there are a variety of options depending on what the link group can offer & what you yourselves choose and this would be subject to negotiation between you and your link
  • stay with a  host family – this is sometimes difficult as many of our parents work full time & do not feel able to support this option
  • stay in local guide/scout accommodation – many units have their own hall / hut where you can stay & be self sufficient many locations have good rail links to London
  • stay in accommodation of your own choice, in a location of your own choice, your link unit may be able to help you find this
Obviously any of these will incur additional costs over & above the main camp costs which you are responsible for.

What does being twinned with a Group from West Sussex mean?

Once registered the WS team will then link you to a suitable West Sussex group. From that point there should be  liaison between the two groups  & hopefully there will be an exchange of emails / facebook messages / skype etc between you before the camp.


What is the last date we can adjust our numbers of participants coming to camp?

Sunday 30th April 2017

Extra numbers or some dropping out? 

Changes to your numbers can be made without penalty until Sunday 30th April.    Please notify changes to Rosie at bookings@ws2017.org.uk and then adjust your final payment in May.

What happens if someone drops out after 30th April? 
You can apply for consideration of a refund of all/part of the camp fee.   Refund applications will not be considered until after the camp.   Refunds are not guaranteed and are contingent upon sufficient funds being available after the camp.      The outcome of applications should be known by 30th September 2017.   Contact Rosie at bookings@ws2017.org.uk for an application form

I’m interested in coming to WS 2017 , however I do have a child who is not a participant (Scout or Guide) who would have to come with me. Are there any organised activities for leaders’ children?

We welcome the children of leaders but there are no special arrangements or activities laid on for leaders’ children.    They remain the responsibility of their parent(s) at all times.  They are welcome to join in all the ‘central’ events and there are occasionally opportunities to take part in an activity but there can be no guarantees and priority is always given to those in the 10-18 age range who have paid the full fee to participate in the activities provided.
If an Explorer /Senior Section member attends WS in a Young Leader position will they will be able to take part in the activities?
 If a Young Leader (who is 14-18 years as defined by Scout & Guide Association Rules) wish to attend the camp & take part in the activities then they can do so but would pay the full fee of £170 & placed in the Group numbers as a “young people taking part in activities” on the booking form. If they did not wish to take part in the activities but just assist with the Group Leadership team then they would only pay £55 & they would not be counted as part of the leadership team ratio. They would be entered on the form under “Adult / Young leader” & would have ID cards clearly marked to that effect.

Can Senior Section members or Explorer Scouts/Young Leaders who are camping with Guide or Scout groups join in with the activities on the SS/ES sub-camp?

No – in order to participate in the activities of the SS/ES sub-camp, they must be camping with groups on that sub-camp.   We can find groups to ‘adopt’ members who would like to join this sub-camp.   Contact Rosie at bookings@ws2017.org.uk  for help.

Adult Leaders Option table?
 Inline image 1

Some of our leaders can only come for part of the camp.   Is there a reduced fee for this? 

No, all   group leaders staying overnight must pay the leader fee of £55.    If the group needs part-time leaders then they can come as Occasional Day Helpers (£7.50 per day) and an application form will be available in May.    Occasional Day Helpers will count towards your 1:6 ratio.

What is the ruling with open fires on site at WS2017?

Unfortunately No fires are allowed are allowed on site even for cooking on within the Sub Camp areas. Gas BBQ are permitted. With a large number of people on camp the risk of fire is high. Each Pack/District is asked to take special care and to bring at least one working fire extinguisher with them along with marked fire buckets. Fire precautions are the responsibility of your sub camp teams.

Fire breaks will be marked on each sub camp. Please do not obstruct these with vehicles or tents at any time. Any obstructions will have to be moved immediately and without question.

In the event of a fire, please notify a member of camp staff immediately and evacuate the immediate area.

Reasons why Explorers and The Senior Section members might prefer to be on DUMBLEDORE’S ARMY SUB CAMP:-

  • Everyone on the sub-camp will be between fourteen and eighteen, no young scouts and guides to get under your feet, a real teen space
  • A sub-camp where everyone gets to know each other
  • Specific events will be wristbanded and only available to the Dumbledore’s Army sub camp participants. We are already considering our very own Hall of Requirement to hold some of the events

–  a Dumbledore’s Army Facebook page where we will discussing and asking for more ideas from our young people

  • A really brilliant sub camp gateway!
  • Our own area with a later curfew!

We will aim to make it a good place for Leaders to be as well.  Often you can be on your own with this age group and the sub-camp team, Peter I will make very welcome any leaders on their own.

I think that our young people will really enjoy being part of this  sub-camp with all the ‘extras’ that will be open to them, which of course, they will not be part of, if they are in other sub-camps.

What time can vehicle get onto site on Saturday 5th August ?

Vehicles containing Group kit can come on from 0800hrs. Please minimise the vehicles on site as otherwise the roads to the Sub Camp areas will be blocked. Please DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS, STICK TO THE ROADWAY. Any vehicles transporting participants please park outside the perimeter fence in the drop off area and walk onsite with your personal kit. Remember there is nothing open or available for the young people to do until the opening ceremony at 1900hrs. Coaches will be parked outside the perimeter fence for drop off & not allowed on site. Please advise Site Services of your estimated time of coach arrival.

What time can vehicle get onto site on Saturday 12th August ?

Vehicles collecting Group kit can come on from 0800hrs. Please minimise the vehicles on site as otherwise the roads to the Sub Camp areas will be blocked. Please DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS, STICK TO THE ROADWAY. Any vehicles collecting participants please park outside the perimeter fence in the drop off area and walk onsite to collect the participant & their personal kit.

What are the arrangements for Coach Pickups on the Sat 12th?

Coaches will not be allowed on site & there will be designated pick up areas outside the perimeter fence. Please advise Site Services the expected arrival time of your coach & make sure that you are at the pick up time for its arrival. There is limited space so we want to move the coaches on as soon as possible so as the next ones can pick up the next group.

Can we have Box Trailers on our group site on the Sub Camp?

Yes, as long as you can fit them in your allocated area and don’t go over the boundaries. Remember you have limited space so do not bring larger or more tents than you really need.

What is the arrangements for food deliveries on Saturday 5th August?

There will be a lot of vehicles looking to access the showground at least until midday. It is advisable, where possible, to arrange any food deliveries if you are unable to bring it with you for after this time. You will then need to be in a position to meet the delivery, unload it and carry the food to your Sub Camp yourself. Food delivery vehicles will not be allowed on site inside the perimeter fence.

Can more than 2 adults help to set up our site on Friday 4th August?

Yes they can but only 2 adults can stay on site overnight per group, you can have as many as you like to set up  from 1700hrs until 2030hrs. Please no Scouts, Guides helping with set up, adults only due to various other set ups going on & movement of vehicles & equipment.

Is there a bar on site for adults?

No there is not

Do adult leaders/ helpers need to fill in health forms?

It is requested that adults complete the same form as participants that can be found on the website. This will assist the medical teams if they need treatment. It can be placed, if they wish, in a sealed envelope with their WS2017 sub camp & ID number on. You will only need to two copies (original +1)

Will there be restrictions on some Activities & specific clothing required?

Yes there will, Some activities will require specific clothing, please ensure your kit list includes long sleeve tops trousers (for water activities) swimming costume, old t-shirt, towel, old trainers or beach shoes
Blacksmithing (over 14’s only)  – long trousers and long sleeve top (preferably cotton, NO NYLON), hiking boots / stout shoes
Segway activity will have a weight restriction, please obtain the weight of your young people so when asked they can conform & not be disappointed when turned away. Confirmation of the weight will be notified soon.
Please note all activities are subject to availability and parental permission (where applicable).
It’s all about managing young peoples expectations. It will be impossible for them to do every activity due to time & some will be more popular than others so they may have to queue with no guarantees.

What decision has been made re the Young Persons taking mobile phones or similar?

We are leaving this up to the discretion of the Group Leaders to individually manage. There is no guarantee that there will be ny facilities for the young people to charge their mobile devices.

What time will the parents be let on the site to collect the young people on Saturday 12th August & will this be the same time for vehicle access?

The Blue Gate will be open from 0800 hours when kit vehicles can enter the site, Parents can collect the young people from this time at the discretion of the group leaders.