Site Services Information

PDF PRINTABLE VERSION OF FULL WS 2017 – Site Service Information (CLICK HERE) 

Gate Opening Times

There will be 24 hour access for adult pedestrians who have full site passes subject to notifying Guest Services so as you can be checked out on the camp system.

Blue Gate will be open between 08:00 – 22:00.

All site visitors, deliveries and arrivals should enter via the Guest Services HQ at Blue Gate, and must only arrive during gate opening times.

Participants should only enter and exit the site via Blue Gate and must only arrive during gate opening times. All participants entering or leaving the site must check in and out via the Guest Services HQ at Blue Gate.

Vehicle Access

All arriving vehicles should enter the site one way system via North Gate (opposite the Gardners Arms Pub). Once vehicles have entered North gate they should follow signs and cones around the perimeter to the Blue Gate Car Park. Coaches arriving carrying participants will be allowed onto the site via Blue gate and exit via Horse gate. Vehicles will exit the site using South gate (Ardingly Village end).

No vehicles are allowed onto the main site without a Vehicle Access Pass after 14:00 on 5th August.

Vehicle Access Passes are for Site vehicles and are only available in limited circumstances via written application to Site Services.

Car Parking

All on site parking will be within the perimeter of the showground estate and secured within the perimeter gates overnight.

Secure long term parking is available during the event in the Trade Lorry Park, groups should aim to place vehicles which are not due to leave during the event here. There will be access for leaders to this car park throughout the event. In an emergency vehicles can be removed from this car park by request to Site Services via Sub Camp HQ’s

Visitor and daily access parking is available in the Blue Gate car park. Due to space constraints, groups are requested to only park vehicles here which are needed to leave site during the camp.

All vehicles parked within the perimeter should display a car parking ID (available from Guest Services HQ), this does not confer right of access onto the main site.

Vehicles which need to leave site outside of the gate opening times must be notified to Site Services by 18:00 that day.

Groups may park one trailer in their camping area, this must not move for the duration of the camp, and must fit within your allocated area. No vehicles may be parked in your camping area.

Vehicle Movements

Cars in the long stay car park will not be permitted to leave the site until Saturday 12th August, without prior arrangement with Site Services or in extenuating circumstances, and must remain in the long stay car park until this time. No vehicles will be permitted on site, with the exception of site services and activity team official vehicles. At all times a speed limit of 5mph will apply on the site.

Leaders Arrival Friday

Leaders/Staff carrying equipment in vehicles will be allowed to drive onto the site between 17:00 – 20:30 on Friday. Entry to site will be via North gate then Blue Gate. Exit for vehicles will be via Blue gate then South Gate.

Groups may pitch as many tents as they wish within their allocated area. Two leaders from each group may camp overnight by prior arrangement with Sub Camp Leaders. Security does not start until Saturday therefore if you are not staying on site, valuables should not be left on site.

Arrival – Sat 5th August 2017

Perimeter gates will be open at 07:30 for arriving participants and leaders.

Coaches will enter the site via North Gate and proceed around the site perimeter to Blue Gate where they will enter the site proper. Coaches will be directed to the loading/unloading area at the rear of the Norfolk Pavilion. Coaches will then proceed around the inner perimeter road and exit the site via Horse Gate and latterly South Gate.


Where possible, group kit should be consolidated into the minimum number of vehicles prior to arrival and these vehicles should proceed through the Blue Gate (vehicle gate) accompanied by the leader in charge. These vehicles will be allowed to drive to their designated camping areas to unload.

Groups will be allowed to drive vehicles carrying group kit onto the site between 08:00 – 14:00.

Personal kit can be taken to site in designated vehicles but Guides/Scouts should be prepared to carry their own kit if vehicles are not available.


Groups should gather in the car park assembly area, once the group is complete they should proceed through the Blue Gate (pedestrian gate) and make their way to their designated camping areas.

Vehicles must adhere to the 5mph speed limit.

Pedestrians have right of way on the site at all times, all drivers must give due consideration to their safety.

Vehicles should be parked considerately on the internal road system. Vehicles must not be driven or parked on the grass.

Groups will be allowed to leave one trailer in their designated camping area, this must not move during the event. Consideration should be given to protection of the grass.

Vehicles should exit the site via Blue Gate (vehicles gate).

All vehicles must be in a designated car park by 15:00.

Day Visitors & VIPs, Saturday afternoon onwards

All arriving traffic will enter the sites’ one-way system via North Gate (opposite the Gardner’s Arms Public House). Traffic will proceed around the sites perimeter road to the Blue Gate, at this point the majority of vehicles will be directed into the adjacent car park. Only designated site and delivery vehicles will be allowed to proceed along the perimeter road and onto the main site.

Visitors will then enter the site on foot via Blue Gate and report to reception for their visitor pass. Departure will be via South Gate. Please take care when crossing the road between the car park and the show ground. Disabled Blue Badge Holders should notify car park staff who will try to accommodate any requirements.

All Sections / Visitors Day (9th August 2017)

Scout or Guide group visitors (i.e. those not specifically invited by WS2017 HQ) arriving at the site for “Visitors Day” on Wednesday 9th August 2017 will enter the site via North Gate (opposite the Gardners Arms pub). Vehicles will be directed to a parking area within the site perimeter adjacent to the gate.

Visiting groups should assemble in the parking area before proceeding on foot to Green Gate where they must be collected by a representative of the Troop, Pack, Group and escorted into the site. Visitors must also ensure that they sign in with Guest Services representatives at Green Gate. Visitors remain the responsibility of their group at all times.

VIP guests will enter the site via the blue gate and report to Guest Services.

Visitors are welcome on site between 10:30 and 16:30.

Visitor’s vehicles will depart the site via North Gate, taking care as vehicles will be entering the site via this gate.


During the day, 08.00-22.00, gates will be controlled by Guest Services, who will ONLY permit vehicles displaying a vehicle access pass. After 22.00 our contractor EMS will be responsible for site security and Blue gates will be locked. The only access to the showground between 22.00 and 08.00 for adults will be ON FOOT via Prince’s Gate, and only with a valid camp ID. Young people leaving site must be escorted by an adult, no unescorted young person will be permitted to leave site. If you anticipate arriving or leaving between these times you should notify Guest Services by 18:00 that day. With the exception of emergency vehicles displaying blue lights, there will be NO vehicle access to any part of the site 22.00-08:00.


Site services will clean the toilets and replenish toilet paper and soap at regular intervals, please be patient while this is going on. If any toilets are found to be in a poor state, please report this to your Sub Camp HQ. Between these cleaning cycles Sub Camps will operate a roster for basic toilet checks and sweeping out by groups.


Please remind everyone that the site is an agricultural showground, which is used for exhibitions of live farm animals.  Extra care should be taken with basic hygiene routines, especially in washing hands before preparing and eating meals.



Refuse and Recycling

Due to the wide variety of recycling schemes operated throughout the county and the associated confusion this may cause, recycling will only be provided for operational refuse. For this reason we would ask each group to manage recycling individually and where possible remove items from site for recycling at your local amenity services site or home collection.

You may wish to consider removing recyclable packaging from foods ahead of arrival (where appropriate) to reduce the potential waste you are bringing to site. Refuse will be collected from site on a daily basis. Please ensure rubbish is secured in bin bags, food waste should be double bagged and placed in the bins at refuse points.

At the conclusion of the event please remove any gateway elements, broken equipment and tentage etc from the site. Do not leave these for disposal by the event.

Waste Water

All waste water must be filtered and disposed of at designated disposal point, please do not create a health hazard by empting water on or around your camping area.

Disposal points are located at all trailer toilets and at the rear of the Red Gate toilets adjacent to the long stay car park.

Do not lift any man hole coves or dispose of waste water into chemical toilet emptying points (except the marked point at the rear of the Red Gate toilet)

Fires / Fire Breaks

No fires are allowed within the Sub Camp areas. Gas BBQ are permitted. With a large number of people on camp the risk of fire is high. Each Pack/District is asked to take special care and to bring at least one working fire extinguisher with them along with marked fire buckets. Fire precautions are the responsibility of your sub camp teams.

Fire breaks will be marked on each sub camp. Please do not obstruct these with vehicles or tents at any time. Any obstructions will have to be moved immediately and without question.

In the event of a fire, please notify a member of camp staff immediately and evacuate the immediate area.

Cooker Deliveries

If you are hiring catering equipment such as cookers that are being delivered straight to site, you MUST inform your Sub Camp leaders in advance of which company you are using and an estimated delivery time. Most firms will deliver during the working day prior to leaders being allowed on site in the evening. Deliveries MUST NOT be arranged for Saturday as they will not be allowed on site.

Please note that there are no electrical feeds to camping areas, therefore please ensure that you have hired equipment powered by gas bottle.

Site Services will also coordinate the collection and central storage of items at the end of camp, groups may be asked to assist with moving items,



Gas & Fuel Storage

Spare gas bottles MUST be stored in the central fuel storage location. Access to this storage area will be strictly controlled by site services; groups should clearly label their bottles for easy storage.

There will be a mobile gas service visiting the site for groups to purchase replacement bottles, times will be confirmed via sub camps nearer the event.


There will be designated smoking areas on site near each sub camp. In line with Scouting/Guiding policy, please do not smoke in any other area, this includes the use of “e-cigarettes” or vapour devices. Each smoking area will be provided with a sand bucket for cigarette butts. Please do not discard smoking paraphernalia on the floor. Please refer to Scout/Guide fact sheets for further information.

First Aid

The First Aid Point will be located within the eastern end of the Norfolk Pavilion. Minor incidents should be dealt with within your section; all other incidents should be reported and treated at the central First Aid Point. If there is an emergency that requires the assistance of the emergency services, please immediately inform the first aid point, who will liaise with Site Services and the emergency services. If the incident is of sufficient severity to warrant the immediate attendance of the emergency services please call them directly and send a runner to the first aid point to instigate the camp emergency plan.

Who calls 999? – This should be First Aid Point but if you have called 999 you MUST immediately send a runner to the First Aid Point to allow them to instigate the camp emergency procedure.

Emergency Assembly Area

In the need of a site evacuation please move in a calm and orderly fashion, and assemble in your groups at the designated assembly areas and await instructions.

A copy of the Site Emergency Plan Instructions (groups) is attached to this document.


The use of drones on site is not permitted, regardless of any permits held, without prior written authorisation of the camp chief. This authorisation will define but is not limited to: operating rules, additional insurances.

Electricity Supplies

MDS Electrical contractors will provide electricity supplies to sub-camp HQ and activity areas will ensure that circuits are sufficiently provisioned as per requirements. DO NOT bring extension cables or adaptors or attempt to modify any electrical supplies. Any problems with the electrical supply must be reported to Site Services.

Any mains powered electrical equipment must be electrically safe, this may mean you need to arrange Portable Appliance Testing to be completed before the camp.

Generators are not permitted.

Air Horns and Sirens

Air Horns will be the method employed in the case of a site emergency and will be used to signify an evacuation of the site if the need arises, consequently the use of Air Horns or sirens is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please do not bring these items onto site.

Food Deliveries / Internet Shopping

There is a limited internet shopping facility available adjacent to the Site Services Office in the Norfolk Pavilion. This facility is purely for groups to order shopping online, and is not for general internet usage (email etc). Please ensure that you have a complete shopping list prior to visiting the facility as usage times may be limited.

If you are arranging for deliveries of food over the weekend, we request that you inform Guest Services ensuring that you supply these details in advance:

  • Contact Name onsite to receive delivery
  • Name of the person who placed the order
  • Mobile phone number
  • Group name and district
  • Name of the supermarket making the delivery
  • Delivery slot.

All deliveries must be collected from the Young Farmers shelter by the Blue Gate. Remember to ensure you have equipment/manpower to move your delivery. An adult member of your contingent MUST be present at Blue Gate for the collection.

Thank You

West Sussex Scouts and Guides have been using the Ardingly Showground since 1980 for County events, on previous occasions we have made a good impression and we obviously wish to do so again. We know everyone will ensure that the Guides and Scouts on WS2017 will camp to the highest standards and that we will all be a credit to our movements.

We hope that you and your Scouts and Guides have a fantastic week and look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions during the camp please contact us. You can get a message to us in the site services office in the Norfolk Pavilion, stop us on our travels or via the camp HQ.

Do not bring generators, hoverboards (or similar), bicycles, scooters, skateboards etc, fireworks, radios or valuable items.